October 20, 2010

"once more unto the beach, dear friends..."

My distinguished colleague in the study of modern literature and the sociologic origin of stoke, Mr. Sean Francis Morales, has published the third installation of the acclaimed and anticipated "Skart Beach" travelogue.  The article documents the exploits of a handful of Santa Rosa's Pleasant Skateboards team as they, un-showered and subsisting on a diet of only Clif Bars and Coors, terrorize the picturesque avenues of Santa Cruz, CA.  When questioned in regards to the delayed publication of the article Mr. Morales lapsed into a somber state, sighing heavily at intervals.  After several loaded minutes, he uttered only this: "To bound the creative process with time's brutish constraints is to suffocate it utterly."

October 7, 2010


where have you gone
and where will you be
when i need you

October 5, 2010

oh shit run