July 30, 2009

lemon tree

July 28, 2009

morning people

i, up at dawn
needing food
a full mug
and a bit
of human warmth

(i toil over a meager breakfast.
i fix two plates, one which i know will
go cold)

finding only
your shoulder,
i imagine
others, alternating,
in your chair
at the table

a coy brunette
with poetic dimples
a strawberry blonde
with tasteful ink
and others, sure:

someone who ponders
coffee cream swirls
someone who eats
the banana slices
before they brown
someone who is
silent in their love

i shower, dress,
and am out the door

but not before
blowing a kiss to you,
all blankets, hair and skin

July 23, 2009

rebellion cometh

July 18, 2009

a proustian aside

July 15, 2009

July 11, 2009

in a private loo

That may or may not be the tip of my dick in the first...

July 5, 2009

sustainable living

A walk to Centr-O-Mart for a 12-pack; after that a quick stop at the cigarette store for a pack of either: Pall Malls, USA Golds, or whatever brand happens to be discounted at the time. Can't imagine my father without his numerous vices.

July 3, 2009