November 28, 2009


November 26, 2009

always the little things

now we're leading mostly separate lives
though i shouldn't, i linger
on the precious pieces of yours
only i would recognize

November 25, 2009

endorsement: boy's life nyc

i heard that ted barrow of in remembrance of things whatevs fame writes this, but i have my doubts (spelling quirks and overall execution seem incongruous). regardless, it's the most entertaining blog i've read in some time: BOY'S LIFE NYC

November 24, 2009

in defense of jaywalking

i take you by
the hand before
crossing the
street, and find
it clammy

yes, the traffic
is fast and
the streets
a chaotic
living thing -

but perhaps
what moistens
your palms is
my daring;
my unthinking
reach for
you, so
accustomed to
solitude and
the transparency
of mere talk

as i glance back
at you
a smile finds
its way to my lips

hurry you,
the light is
about to change
and we have
much to see

November 18, 2009


remain active
busy oneself
with hobbies
or work
eat well
and sleep
for 8 hours

watch the
sun rise
once per week;
only to
appreciate beauty
and without
thinking of
one's own

November 16, 2009

man bites dog

November 3, 2009

tell me something about two years, pt. I

remember us?
our heads light
with vodka
and sunrise;
kissing to an

(i walked back into andrew's house;
drunken snoring bodies were strewn about. we had
done it in secret. i trembled with elation, knowing that something had begun.)

remember us?
pressed to
the cold of
your car; clinging
to warmth
and that little
detail that would
become love

(we would stand outside wrapped together
for half-hours and full-hours, but it was not enough.
a goodnight message would arrive before sleep, like a small kiss.)

remember us?
rearranging sheets
in the sweltering
brown of my room,
the summer heat
engorging us with
passion and power

(small details are what remain: the way in which the heat encouraged us
to continue; harder and faster. the oddly satisfying combination of body
sweat and saliva, this often the cause of pleasantly chapped and well-used lips.)

remember us?
do you?

November 1, 2009

never far

there is the

that you were
not as amazing
as i think you

that retrospect
patches the
cracks -

but memory
is all we're
made of
and i like
the fit
of a
snug lie

so i walk forward
faced backward,

hoping only
to collide
with some
new you