November 3, 2009

tell me something about two years, pt. I

remember us?
our heads light
with vodka
and sunrise;
kissing to an

(i walked back into andrew's house;
drunken snoring bodies were strewn about. we had
done it in secret. i trembled with elation, knowing that something had begun.)

remember us?
pressed to
the cold of
your car; clinging
to warmth
and that little
detail that would
become love

(we would stand outside wrapped together
for half-hours and full-hours, but it was not enough.
a goodnight message would arrive before sleep, like a small kiss.)

remember us?
rearranging sheets
in the sweltering
brown of my room,
the summer heat
engorging us with
passion and power

(small details are what remain: the way in which the heat encouraged us
to continue; harder and faster. the oddly satisfying combination of body
sweat and saliva, this often the cause of pleasantly chapped and well-used lips.)

remember us?
do you?

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